Environmental liability

Welcome to an Eco-friendly establishment

The whole team at BEST WESTERN L’OREE IS COMMITTED to environmental protection!

BEST WESTERN L’OREE is openly environmentally friendly (see below) – To this end, we encourage all our guests to resort to car sharing for their trips.
During 2012, we are contributing to the « Carbon Footprint » assessment.

« Our contribution to the environment  »

Our BEST WESTERN L’OREE hotel is committed to respecting and promoting the following principles (energy, water, purchasing, waste, staff training and information for guests):

  • We have adopted an on-going programme for improvements to assess and limit the social and environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Evaluate, control and limit water and electricity consumption as much as possible.
  • Select eco-friendly labelled products, products that respect the environment throughout their life cycle: conception, production, distribution, use, and end-of-life recovery of the used product.
  • Systematic purchase of highly energy-efficient products.
  • Value and develop food products that guarantee environmental quality and/or certify a fair retribution to farmers.
  • Bulk buy to limit packaging and transport costs.
  • Reduce wastage and the quantity of waste.
  • Recycle waste as much as possible.
  • Ensure that staff is well informed and trained in eco-friendly behaviour
  • Inform guests about eco-friendly procedures in our establishment and how they can contribute to energy efficiency.
  • Collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders in order to improve and safeguard the durability of our approach.

Directeur Général